MK33 recently asked RFC Captain Kane Johnson some questions from PREnders.  Thanks to mk, and especially to Kane for sharing his thoughts with us.

  What does Kane see as his strengths in his game ?                       
   My strength on the field is my work rate during the game.               
   What do you love most about playing football ?                          
   The thing I love most about playing football is the weekly challenge of     game day and the team environment.                                      
   What do you most love about playing for Richmond ?                      
   The thing I love most about playing for Richmond is that itís the team  I barracked for as a child so it gives me great satisfaction to run out  every week.                                                             
   What do you see as your strengths as captain,  that set you apart from other leaders at the club and that you have played under ?              
   My strengths as captain that set me apart from other leaders at the club, well youíd have to ask Greg Miller that question. (No reply from Greg)                                                                                                                                    
   What do you like to do off the field ?                                  
   Off the field I like to read books and go out for dinner.    
What would you like to do after football ?                              
   I am now working through the process of finding out what it is I should do after footy.    
   How have you enjoyed your role on the field going back from been main on baller to playing on main on baller?                                   
   Iíve enjoyed the challenge of playing on on ballerís rather than being  an on baller and find it rewarding.                                      
   What the difference between Adelaide and Melbourne in regards to life as a AFL footballer, how did you go with constant recognition in       
   Adelaide ?   
   I struggled with the constant recognition in Adelaide and much prefer the to be anonymous in Melbourne.                                       
   Did you receive much resentment from Adelaide players and supporters and does he still get any ?                                             
   When we play Adelaide there is the general banter but nothing serious.  
   Is he still friends with many ex team-mates ?                            
   I am still friends with many ex team-mates at Adelaide.                  
   Who do you think will be a Richmond star that we don't know much about yet ?                                                                   
   An up and coming Richmond star that you may not know much about is Travis Casserley.                                                       
   Who do you see from the young leadership group do you see as a Richmond captain ?                                                               
   A future Richmond captain from the young leadership group could be Chris Newman or Brett Deledio.                                          
   How good was it personally to beat your old side and does that match mean more to you than most other games just due to the fact you used to 
   play there and know many of their blokes well? 
   It was very satisfying to beat Adelaide but I didnít play that day which was annoying.       

 What's the comparison of been at Adelaide as a youngster as the team rose and being at the Tiges surrounded by youngsters as the team rose?
 The feel at Adelaide is very similar to the feel at Richmond as there are a whole host of young players with some experienced players so it is a very exciting time and I am looking forward to my last few years.         
  How does he see the role he plays at Richmond compared to what was required from him at Adelaide ?                                          
  The role I played in Adelaide is similar to the role at Richmond but I have more of a leadership role at Richmond.                              
  Considering his personal premiership experience what does he think we need to do to take the next step and can he see us as serious finals contenders in the near     future?                                    
 To be serious finals contenders we need to have more consistent performances which comes with a maturing group.                          
   How many more years does Kane expect to play?                           
   I am not sure how many more years I will continue playing.              
   How's his back, groin, hamstrings, calves, bunions going?               
   My back, groin, hamstrings, calves and bunions are good.                
   Does he have OP? Has he had it? If so, are there lingering effects? Is he over it?                                                             
   I had OP as a junior but all good now.                                 
   Who are the toughest midfielders he's played on?                        
   The toughest midfielder is Robert Harvey.                               
   Which player at the club should be washing Kane's car?                  
   No one should be washing anyoneís car as we are all equals.             
   How did you feel when you got drafted, and when it was Adelaide that drafted you ?                                                           
   When Adelaide drafted me I was very upset but at the same time excited. 
   How many premierships in you football career have you played in ?       
   I have played in 4 premierships in my football career.                  
   What other sports do you follow ?                                       
   Cricket is another sport I follow.                                      
   Do you look after or guide some of the youngsters coming through in the midfield and if so what advice do you have for them ?                   
   My advice to youngsters coming through is clean hands.                  
   What advice do you have for anyone wanting to play football at the highest level ?                                                         
   If you want to play football at the highest level you need to start  running and develop a high work rate.           

Kane JohnsonKane Johnson
Guernsey Number:






Recruited From:

Ringwood/Eastern U18/Adelaide



Date of Birth:

15 March 1978