BRENT HARTIGAN kindly agreed to answer some questions put to him by members of website.  Sincere thanks to Brent for taking the time to share an insight of his life as a Richmond footballer with us.  Best wishes for a long and successful career at Tigerland Harts.  Eat 'em Alive!


Could you give an honest assessment of your footy skills at the moment

I have always prided myself on my skills; I believe this was one of the main strength areas of my game when drafted by the Tigers. I suppose I let my self down with my decision making, I find if I concentrate on simple targets I have more effective games. I think the skill that I would like to improve the most would be my ball ground skills, having the composure to keep my eye on the ball break out of packs and then settling to give the ball off by hand or by foot. I believe there is a too greater margin between my best and worst and am working to fix this.  I understand the game very well and the same applies to Terryís instructions.


What was Terry's reason for dropping you after the Adelaide victory last season?

What is your preferred position to play?

From memory I think I had about 6 possessions, so I think from a senior point of view that is unacceptable. There was no major problem.


What's Andy Collins like as a coach compared to Terry Wallace? How do their styles differ?

They donít differ massively, they have a few structural differences but they are very similar with their ball movement patterns


Has Terry given you any indication on your future beyond this season?

Like all players its hard to give anyone an indication, as people have seen anyone is up for speculation. The focus for myself is showing terry that I want to be their next season and can have an impact in the team

Do you consider yourself the tough guy in the team and do you think you can play the enforcer role?

I donít know about tough guy.  I would like to think that I attack the ball hard and am competitive. I wouldnít like to be seen taking a backward step on the field

What is your opinion on Richmond's culture?

I think the current culture is very good, I think players are proud to play for a club that has such a proud history, and this culture will hopefully only get better.

Do you feel you would have got more out of yourself as a player if you had of been training at a West Coast all your career rather than Richmond?

Really too hard to answer!!!

..What kind of sandwich was it?  Grin

This question is probably the most asked question I have received. Rather funny I think. Ham and Cheese


Would you rather be playing for Coburg and win by 10 goals, or playing for Richmond and lose by 10 goals?

A player will always be wanting to play in the seniors every week. I donít think we can have players becoming comfortable at Coburg. Thatís not going to push our senior side.


What position do you thing you play your best football in?
I think between half back and half forward, I think a strength of mine is my run and carry but I believe I can also be a tough match up forward as I am a small that can play taller than some expect.

Why haven't you received more senior opportunities at Richmond?

My form at Coburg may have something to do with itÖ. I havenít had the best games after being dropped.

Could you play a Steve Baker type tagging role in the midfield?

Not sure! Have never really played as a tagging type player, in think I would have to learn how to balance my defensive and offensive sides of my game

Has the lack of faith at the RFC Selection Table affected your confidence to play at this level?

I wouldnít say its lack of faith, I think being out of the side for a year definitely does affect confidence, but there have been reasons such as injury that have had a fair say in that

First full year you were good playing out of a back pocket. What's happened since then?

I have not had the same consistency of playing 19 games in a year.


Brent is up against many players for the same role, what's the difference that makes the difference for him to come into the 22 at the expense of the others ?

I think my ability to read the game my awareness, risk taking and skills are strong assets. I think I really have a crack and have a strong desire to play well and win.


Is it true that you eat jelly beans with every meal and why won't lids share a room with you? hihi 

False. Lids is like that because he needs someone to feed him and change his nappy.


Is there a current AFL player you model your game on? Reasons?

I think in recent times Gary Ablett Jnr is a good example for me to follow, he is strong in the contest a strong mark, hunts the football, keeps his feet and has a great work ethic.

What opposition team do you like to play against the most? and who would you rate as the toughest opposition player you have gone up against?

I like playing against Essendon and Carlton, I think the whole buzz of the rivalries really brings great games. Gary Ablett jnr is a great player and very tough to play on

You have a day off training, the day is yours to pass how you want, what would Brent Hartigan be found doing?

I think you would find me heading out for breakfast to read the paper, then grabbing some lunch with some of the boys and reading the paper and having a chat. Then I may head to grab a coffee sit out in the sun and relaxÖ.. thatís in a perfect world of course.

How is your foot injury? Was it the same foot you injured last year ?  It would be great to see you get back into top form as I hope you have a long future with the Tigers

Foot injury is fine now, was the same foot but a different bone. Its tough when you injure your feet I have found. Thereís not much else you can run on, so it has been fairly frustrating 


Who has had the biggest influence on you as an AFL player?

I think I would have to say Kane Johnson, he is really keen to help out and any problems that I may have is willing to help, he has a great work ethic and is a great person in football and in general life to follow


How far do you kick on each foot?

About 50 on the right

Distance isnít great on the left around 35 40


Who among the youngsters do you really think have a future at the club?

I would like to think all the young players at the club have a future, thatís the whole point of drafting so many young players so we can all come through together.


Who from Richmond has taught you the most?

Tough question, as you learn new things off different players all the time. I think as above if there was one it would be Kane Johnson


Who are the people you are closest with at the club?

Would have to be Rainsey, drafted the same year, and have been there 4 years together. 


What position played as a junior ?

Through the midfield then moved towards being a defender at under 18 level.

Do you have the motor to play in the midfield ?

I donít think so as yet, I would love to develop that, but I think at times I could go in for periods of time

Interests outside of footy ?

I have a particular interest in a program I started with the Royal Childrenís Hospital where I visit kids throughout the year along with 6 other players that have joined me. Iím very passionate about this and believe it has gone along way to helping kids have a positive outlook on life. I have a few business interests with friends in the furniture industry, but would love to one day own my own business. I still as yet are not sure what I want to end up doing so am still exploring.  If anyone has any ideas, feel free to contact me


Have you ever sung in public again after you filled in for Browny on The Footy Show that time?  hihi

I think its fair to say I wont be raced off to sign any massive record deal in the states.


What do you think is required for you to stay on the Richmond list next season?

I think by finishing off this year and showing Terry that he cant afford to let me go.


Is Nathan Brown the player most likely to spend a day at a day spa? 
(If you read the Footy Record most weeks you'll get it)

Browny is a well groomed young man, but I think on days throughout the week there are many quiet achievers that may sneak in.


Do you feel ripped that TW is giving others a game ahead of you that are less deserving?

No I donít feel like that, my chance will come when I'm ready and deserve it.


Do you think you will be delisted at the end of the year only to be picked by a more professional club where you will excel in a Rodan like fashion?

Too hard to say, I honestly hope Iím not delisted.


Since being drafted, where have you improved your game? What do you still need to work on? RFC has not spent enough money on certain areas such as fitness, recruiting etc. do you think this is holding the RFC back from success?

The area I think my game has improved is where a lot of guys  want to improve

And that is the strength side, I was very slight when I came down, now I feel strong in the contest, and am able to match it with other players. As everyone knows we are getting an upgrade in our facilities, so hopefully this will help to take us to new levels


Brent, What are your goals for the rest of the year?

To remain positive no matter what happens, to concentrate on little things and not look at the big picture, to play consistent enough to get another chance at senior level

Which position do you prefer to play?
Between HB and HF where I can get up the ground a little.

Who do you rate at the club as the hardest worker at training?
Nathan Foley.



I hope this gives you some insight, and appreciate that and that these answers are respected; I thank you all gratefully for the support over the past 4 years. I am determined to help bring success to this club. To those who wish or believe I am to be delisted I hope I can be around for years to come to prove you wrong, and I hope you can support me then.


Regards Brent Hartigan




Jumper No: 33

Height: 181

Weight: 75

DOB: 07/04/1985

Recruited From: Tullamarine/Calder U18

Career Matches: 34