My earliest memory is…Falling off the slide at kinder while showing off my first fishing rod.

My earliest football memory is…'Swooper' Northey screaming around the MCG wings. St. Kilda winning 1966 flag. My Nana told me that Barry Richardson was a distant cousin - 2 weeks later I had a Tiger jumper with number 17 on the back.

At school I…Spent too much time playing cricket.

My mother and father always told me…To tidy my room.

I wish I had…Met my partner (Denise) earlier in life.

I wish I hadn’t…Been lazy tying a bad fishing knot when I hooked my first ever marlin.

My most humiliating moment was…Resultant loss of said fish (see above).

My happiest moment was…Meeting Denise (closely followed by 1980 Premiership).

My last meal would be…A bottle of Henshcke Hill of Grace 1984 .... OK, make that 2 bottles.

I’d love to have a yarn with…Neil Armstrong

My favourite Tiger is…Dick Clay

It’s not fashionable but I love…Sitting by a campfire listening to the cricket on the radio.

What I don’t find amusing is…Carlton supporters.

I’m always being asked…How many fish I caught.

If I were an animal I’d be…An expensive thoroughbred sire, serving 230 mares per season.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…The High Country, by a trout stream.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…'Starry Night on the Rhone' by Van Gogh (closely followed by RFC Tsunami Appeal photo).

My favourite quote is…When all else fails, read the instructions.

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…
Pink Floyd - Delicate Sound of Thunder
Eric Clapton - Unplugged
Bob Dylan - Liva at Budokan
Dire Straits - Alchemy
Maddy Prior - Woman in the Wings
The Band - The Last Waltz
Bushwackers - Bushfire
Fairport Convention - Live at the L.A. Troubador
Steeleye Span - Original Masters
Yes - Yessongs

I often wonder…What's going to win the next race.




Age- Almost 18 with 32 years experience 

Location- N/E Victoria, the good country.

Occupation- Retired chef turned farmer

My earliest memory is…Hiding behind the couch when visitors came

My earliest football memory is…Saturday night replays on black and white BTV6 where Richmond always won and we had fish and chips for tea.

At school I…was too busy playing to eat at lunchtime so I hid my sandwiches under the doctors hedge on the way home.

My mother and father always told me…to stay at the table until I eat my pumpkin.  I still have nightmares about it.  Ugh.

I wish I had…liked sloppy mashed pumpkin…. Nah I wish I’d remembered the stories my father-in-law told me.  There’s a lot of history all but gone from this district with his passing.

I wish I hadn’t…teased my best friend and made her cry when Richmond defeated Carlton in a premiership.

My most humiliating moment was…coming out of a public toilet cubicle to be faced by a line up of men at the urinal.

My happiest moment was…having my 3 wonderful children goes without saying.  My brother squeezing my hand when he was in a coma in intensive care to let me know he was aware of my presence.  He didn't remember it when he finally regained consciousness but it certainly lifted my spirits and gave me hope.

My last meal would be…anything as long as my family were there.  Ok seafood and salad… with my family.

I’d love to have a yarn with…Jack Dyer and Mother Theresa

My favourite Tiger is…Tommy Hafey.  I don’t think any one other person shows as much passion for the club he brought so much success, Those premierships seem so long ago.

It’s not fashionable but I love…lazing around on Sundays in my flannelette tiger jamies or daggy trackys, reading papers and drinking coffee.

What I don’t find amusing is…Arrogance, greed, dishonesty, bad manners and abuse…. oh and stalkers.

I’m always being asked…What's for tea.

If I were an animal I’d be…a dolphin swimming on the Barrier Reef and dining on seafood every day.  I'd love to soar like an eagle but I don't fancy their diet.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…The Kimberley region of WA.  Would like to see Africa one day but could spend forever exploring Austraila.  Love the outback, the mountains and rivers.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…A photo of Drew Kettle, a family friend who walked Australia raising money for charity, walking along an outback track.  He's clad in his dryasabone with billy in hand and dog by his side.  Love the solitude.

My favourite quote is… and in the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed. Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…
Lou Reed-Berlin
Neil Young-After the Goldrush
Gram Parsons/Emmylot Haqrris GP/Grevious Angel
Grateful Dead-American Beauty
Andrew Pendlebury-Don’t Hold Back That Feeling 
Ted Hawkins-The Next Hundred Years 
Pink Floyd-Obscured By Clouds
Steeleye Span-Storm Force 10
Emmylou Harris-Wrecking Ball Janis Ian-Aftertones Carole King-Tapestry Rita Coolidge-The Lady's Not For Sale 
..(what my time's up?  I was just getting warmed up)

I often wonder…if I’ll ever attend a Richmond premiership win and if there will ever be world peace and happiness…and if I’m a good girl and eat my pumpkin will Johnny scrap the GST.



People dont want to see my photo.......I could never go out in public in my limo again

My earliest memory first bank account

My earliest football memory is...A flogging

At school I...Counselled the teachers as to why they ended up where they did

My mother and father always told're the greatest

I wish I had...more servants

I wish I hadn't...opened post 95 wine

My most humiliating moment was...when the bank sent me a green credit card instead of gold

My happiest moment was...when the gold card arrived

My last meal would be...Anything as long as it served to me

I'd love to have a yarn with...George Bush

My favourite Tiger is...Any one who doesn't turn it over

It's not fashionable but I love...telling it like it is

What I don't find amusing is...turn overs

I'm always being asked...For my advice

If I were an animal I'd be...A lion

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Paris

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...self portrait

My favourite quote is...The rich get richer

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are...
1 only for me: ABC classics listening

I often wonder...When the day if ever may come when the ferals don't need me




Michael (Interested) 18, Doncaster, Student

My earliest football memory is… Getting hyped up to see David Schwartz’s return after knee injury, only to watch him go down again, to the horror of Demon fans!

At school I… breezed through too easily for my own good!

My mother and father always told me… That I could be anything except a Collingwood supporter

I wish I had… Been motivated and talented enough to play football at a high level

I wish I hadn’t… ever gone to the casino

My happiest moment was… running through the banner with the MFC (v’s Tigers, Rnd 2 2004), and tossing the coin

My last meal would be… Mum’s schnitzel

I’d love to have a yarn with… Hannibal Lector

My favourite Tiger is Mark Coughlan

It’s not fashionable but I love… reading

What I don’t find amusing is… Comedians who think swearing is funny

I’m always being asked… Why I’m a goal umpire

If I were an animal I’d be… a Great White Shark

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… Italy, England, US and Canada

My favourite quote is…
“… ask only is this man a good man, or a bad man? Is this a good woman or a bad woman? Is this child a good child or a bad child? Not black! Not coloured! Indian! Chinese! Not even white! We do not look at the colour of a skin, we look at the heart which beats inside the skin’ – Gideon Mandoma (Tandia – Bryce Courtney)

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…

The Panel Live Volumes 1-4
Best of Crowded House
Best of John Farnham
Best of Powderfinger
Best of REM
She Will Have Her Way – Songs of Tim and Neil Finn

I often wonde
r… why I bother.



Name hopper (aka Adam)  
Age  33
Location  Darwin NT
Occupation Chalkie but working in Student Welfare

My earliest memory is… my grandmother giving me an icy pole out the front of her house.  She died when I was 2 so I think that's as far as I can go back.

My earliest football memory is… Being taken to the G by my dad when I was 4 or 5.  We sat in the front row of the Southern Stand and watched Richmond come from behind to beat the Dees by 4-5 goals.  I was hooked.

At school I…  Was very shy, but thankfully overcame that.

My mother and father always told me…  to leave the world a better place than it was when you arrived in it.

I wish I had…  worked harder at my cricket.  Perhaps could have done more with it.

I wish I hadn’t…  had so much to drink (numerous occasions)

My most humiliating moment was…  snapping my ACL playing basketball and then breaking the ambulance trolley when they put me on it!

My happiest moment was…  the births of my two beautiful children

My last meal would be…  a selection of oysters for entree, a high quality Indian banquet for main, sticky date pudding with double cream for dessert and a few icy Cascade Premium Lagers throughout.  Top it off with a cold top shelf port and a shot of Johnny Walker Blue on the rocks.

I’d love to have a yarn with…  Muhammad Ali

My favourite Tiger is… Richo - you can't beat the big fella!

It’s not fashionable but I love…  no-name tomato sauce

What I don’t find amusing is… racism.  Our extraordinary indigenouos crisis is a national shame that we far too easily ignore.

I’m always being asked… What we (a school) can do about this awful child's behaviour?

If I were an animal I’d be… A panda bear.  Looks all friendly, but get too close and I'll rip you apart.  hehe

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…  India and then South America

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…  My aboriginal dot painting made by my assistant teacher in Alekarenge in 1994 of the grade we were teaching together.  Made with stolen paints and bought with a bed and some shoes for her kids.  Priceless to me.

My favourite quote is…  "Every great work, every major achievement, was brought into being through holding the vision.  And often, just before the achievement, comes appareant failure and disappointment.  For the greatest accomplishment is not in never failing.  But in rising again when you fall." - Muhammad Ali

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…
Pearl Jam - Touring Band
James Blunt - Back to Bedlam
Meatloaf - Bat out of Hell
Robbie Williams - Greatest Hits
Cranberries - No need to argue
Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack - Australian cast
Ugly Kid Joe - America's Least Wanted
Paul Kelly - Songs from the South
Midnight Oil - 20000 watt RSL
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - What Hits?

I often wonder… if I'll REALLY live to see Richmond hold aloft the premiership cup.  I also wonder how came up with the idea of a moustache - but that's probably just me!


Name Anduril
Age 50s
Location Caulfield
Occupation  Teacher

My earliest memory is…When it snowed in Melbourne, can remember Dad carrying me outside to see the snow falling

My earliest football memory is… Dad taking me to the MCG when we played an away game against Melbourne..that was in the 50s and they were in their golden era and always flooged us. Took me years to get over my intense dislike of Melbourne!

At school I… Was a goody two shoes...till I got to Secondary

My mother and father always told me…they were proud of me

I wish I had…said "yes" when a present day AFL coach asked me out, it might have been fun Grin

My most humiliating moment was…don't really have one I remember

My happiest moment was… Will be when we beat St Kilda

My last meal would be…Roast lamb and vegies

I’d love to have a yarn with…Elizabeth I, J R R Tolkien, W A Mozart and John Curtin

My favourite Tiger is…Darren Gaspar

It’s not fashionable but I love… Classical Music and Opera

What I don’t find amusing is…The way we,  as a society, don't care for the most vulnerable.

I’m always being asked…Where my christian name comes from and what it's short for.

If I were an animal I’d be… a cat.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Middle-earth

My favourite photograph or piece of art is… Don't really have one, though I prefer the Impressionist movement in Australia.

My favourite quote is…Illegitimus non carborundom.

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…
Beethoven- Symphony 7
                    Piano Concerto 5
Mozart - Don Giovanni
              Piano Concerto 23
Vivaldi - Gloria
J S Bach - Mass in B minor
Mendelssohn- Midsummer Night's Dream
Dvorak - Symphony 9
Handel - Messiah
Sibelius- Violin Concerto

I often wonder… Why men spit.



Name: TigersGoddess

 Age: 20

 Location: Melbourne

 Occupation: Administration Assistant

My earliest memory is… Playing two parts in my kindergarten performance when I was only supposed to play one. I was a frilled-neck lizard and a trooper in Waltzing Matilda.

My earliest football memory is… TigerMasochist taking me to the Save Our Skins rally when I was about 5. Remember the guy sitting next to us cracking it, walking onto the ground flinging his membership and getting arrested (I think it may have been diggler or laff possibly claw).

At school I… got my first ever detention in the last week of year 12 but never went to it… never told TM either… til now haha.


My father always told me… Do as I say not as I do.


My mother always told me… Don’t listen to your father.

I wish I had… Guaranteed tickets to the grand final when the tiges are there.

I wish I hadn’t… Slipped off playground equipment and broken 3 of my front teeth when I was 7. That bloody hurt.

My most humiliating moment was… going to school wearing my pants back to front in grade 1 (I still haven’t recovered from the embarrassment)

My happiest moment was… Going round to my cousin’s place for the 2003 grand final. Me and TM were in a room full of Collingwood supporters barracking for the lions as loudly as we could. Watching Collingwood getting flogged in a grand final is the next best thing to Richmond winning one.

My last meal would be… Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate (still haven’t managed to fall into a chocolate induced coma yet)

I’d love to have a yarn with… Terry, find out his plans for the team.

My favourite Tiger is… Lids (now there’s a shock)

It’s not fashionable but I love… trackie dacks but only round the house never out in public

What I don’t find amusing is… clowns they aren’t funny they’re evil!

I’m always being asked… Have you got your P’s yet? (No not yet but I’ll put it in the paper when I do just so everyone knows and stops annoying me!)

If I were an animal I’d be… A panda - heaps cute, sleeps a lot and able to do some serious mauling if someone annoys them.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… Europe and the UK which I’ll hopefully be doing at the end of the year

My favourite photograph or piece of art is… A photo I took for a media project in school of my cousin and his team mates coming off the ground after they lost the preliminary final, dejected that they lost I think it really captures the mood.
ver argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience!

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are… I haven’t bought an album for years. I’d have to be stuck with my ipod. I tend to only have one or two songs from an album never the whole lot.

I often wonder… If there’s more to life than football and chocolate… somehow I doubt it.



 Location...Lang Lang
 Occupation....proffessional solo electric/accoustic guitarist
My earliest memory is.....going walkabout on my fathers wheatfarm in Minyip when I was about 2
My earliest football memory is......listening to Richmond give Geelong a PUBLIC FLOGGING in the first semi final of the 1969 season
At school I.......daydreamt a lot and watched the weather
My mother and father always told me......"treat others as you would have them treat you"
I wish I had.......Learnt how to SING and DANCE
I wish I hadnt....left victoria in 1982
My most humiliating moment was.....stepping straight off stage during a James Blundell concert in 1990
My happiest moment was.....The final siren in all Tigers grand final wins......followed by the Mothers Day Massacre....1982...when tigers kicked 10 goals in last quarter in front of a crowd of 90,000 at the "g"
My last meal would be.....lamb roast with Mint,followed by curried cream chicken,then cheesecake and pavolova baked by me mum.
Id love to have a yarn with.....the late Jack Dyer and Tommy Hafey
My favorite tiger is....Matty Richardson
Its not fashionable but I love....West Coast Rock and singer/songwriters
What I dont find amusing is....excessive negativity and excuses to accuse.....and "women-haters"
Im always being asked....."who is the best guitarist/whats the best music?
If I were an animal I,d be....a dolphin....because they eat,play and make love 90% of their lives.
If I had an open ticket id holiday in.........The Seychelles
My favorite photo or piece of art is......Weg (or was it Jeff Hook's) caricatures of the Tigers premiership banners
My favorite quote is......."A champion team will always beat a team of champions"
I often far the Tigers would have gone after 1995 if john Northey was still at the coach
The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck with on a desert island without are....
10....Year of the cat...Al Stewart
9.....Surfing with the alien....Joe Satriani......
8.....The essential Larry Carlton
7.....Tapestry....Carole King
6.....The very best of the Carpenters
5.....Americas greatest hits
4.....The eagles greatest hits volumes 1 and 2
3.....The very best of James Taylor
2.....Little River Band
1.....Chain Reaction.....John Farnham.......and "the tigers theme club song"





Name ... Blood_17 (Ron) 

Location ...Melbourne

Occupation...ancient retired journo.


My earliest memory is…Being born on a Thursday in March. I always wanted it to be Saturday. I cried.


My earliest football memory is…Jack Dyer playing in three different positions in a football match and starring each time.


At school I…was hopeless at Latin, Algebra and Geometry. So I left.


My mother and father always told me…Didn't have to say a word. I was always well behaved!


I wish I had…over $1,000,000 banked or invested.


I wish I hadn’t...tipped so badly last week.


My most humiliating moment was…being sick at work one morning after the annual Journalists' Ball at St.Kilda Town Hall, losing my upper tooth-on-a plate down the toilet and flushing it before I realised.


My happiest moment was…meeting my wife in 1988.


My last meal would be…just before I conk.


I’d love to have a yarn with...Rutger Hauer, Antonio Banderas, both very natural unassuming celebrities.


My favourite Tiger is…the one and only Captain Blood, Jack Dyer. Currently I admire Nathan Brown's skills.


It’s not fashionable but I love...denim jeans (though they are really fashionable at all times).


What I don’t find amusing is…politicians, all liars. Bring Tony Abbott to me please.


I’m always being asked…not to forget my daily tablets at the correct times. (I rattle when I walk).


If I were an animal I’d be…black panther, in one of these modern wildlife sanctuaries, well looked after.


If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…New Zealand or Canada.


My favourite photograph or piece of art is…our dog, Emelda.


My favourite quote is…You can get used to anything in life, even hanging, if it happens to you often enough.


The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…too hard. Just gimme an exotic little lady to serve my food and drinks. (That's if I was struck there alone in the first place).


I often wonder…yeah, I often wonder!


Name: Otis
Age: 25 
Occupation: Accountant

My earliest memory is… Eating clag in kinda. Spinning on my back thinking I was an awesome breakdancer.

My earliest football memory is… Watching us get flogged on TV in ’87. Roach kicked a few though.

At school I… Pitied fools.

My mother and father always told me… Feel good stories about when Richmond actually won premierships.

I wish I had… “one hundred million dollars” – Dr Evil

I wish I hadn’t… Stepped into that left upper-cut last night at boxing training. My head still hurts.

My most humiliating moment was… Losing in trivial pursuit against my mates last week.

My happiest moment was… The birth of my first niece.

My last meal would be… Nachos!

I’d love to have a yarn with… Jimi Hendrix (a yarn and a jam session!)

My favourite Tiger is… David Rodan

It’s not fashionable but I love… A good Billy Ocean classic!

What I don’t find amusing is… People who bad-mouth my boy Richo!

I’m always being asked… “Don’t you find accounting to be at all boring???”

If I were an animal I’d be… What kind of animal was Animal from the muppet show? Or was he considered a monster?

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… Europe

My favourite photograph or piece of art is… Does animated comedy count? If so then a picture of Beavis doing his Cornholio impersonation.

My favourite quote is… "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months" - Oscar Wilde

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…

Jeff Buckley – Grace
Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals – Fight For Your Mind
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced
Jack Johnson – Brushfire Fairytales
Muddy Waters – Hard Again
Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
System of a Down – Hypnotize/Mezmerize
Al Green – Let’s Stay Together
Muse – Absolution
KISS – Dressed to Kill

I often wonder… Why doesn’t Madonna just f-f-f-fade away?



 Name, Emerald, age 44, location Emerald Vic.  Carpenter/joiner/cabinet maker.

My earliest memory is... mum's morris minor sitting in the driveway after she got her licence. 

Earliest football memory is... Richmond v Hawthorn at the MCG mid 60's, not 100% on which year, but the tTges whipped the d\Dawks that day.(the Tiges won a bit more often back then.)

At school I...preferred the trades and graphic communications. I did maths, humanities, science, physics  but only because I had no choice. Sport wasn't one of my stronger points, other than as a spectator.

My mother & father always told... me we couldn't have a dog because our back yard was not big enough. I have had dogs since I left home all those years ago. At present we have 2 blue heelers, one 9 year old male name TIGER (what else) and the other one is an 8 week old female named Abby.

 I wish I had... a bigger shed, the one I have is overloaded, not much room left to work in.

 I wish I hadn't... closed down my own company when my business partner pulled the pin many years ago. It's taken me this long to realise he was the problem.  

My most humiliating moment... was finding out one morning, what I had done the night before while in a very drunk condition. I can't go into details here but it's not to sort of thing I would normally do. Or anyone else for that matter.

My happiest moment was... the day I married my second wife and all our children were in the wedding party, all 6 of them. 

My last meal would be... curried scallops as an entree, juicy porterhouse steak smothered in pepper sauce with vegies as the main course ,bread & butter pudding as desert, finished off with a few after diner licquers .

I'd love to have a yarn with... Tommy Hafey about the past, and Greg Miller about the future.

My favorite Tiger is... Richo, he always puts in, and has been one of very few shining lights at Tigerland for many years. He is also fantastic with the kids at cubs club clinic and family day.

It's not fashionable but I love... slipping the moccies on when I get home.

 What I don't find amusing is... sitting in peak hour traffic every night trying to get home.

I'm always being asked...don't you get sick of driving to Brunswick everyday ? 

If I were an animal I'd be... a Tiger what else, and unlike the Richmond variety (recently), not much would push me around.

 If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in... Australia, I'd take my time and see every inch, it's such a big place with so much to see, why go anywhere else?

My favourite photograph is... Wallace hut by Ken Duncan. The photo is taken in the Victorian high country, as the name suggests it features an old mountain refuge hut surrounded by snowgums. I have it hanging above the fireplace at home, it reminds us of our many trips into the high country.

 My favourite quote is... It not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog.

 The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are... 

1 / breakfast in america by Supertramp.
2 / hotel california by the Eagles.
3 / in blue by the Corrs.
4 / livin in the 70's by Skyhooks.
5 / retrospective by Russell Morris.
6 / journey through time by the Moody Blues.
7 / union by Toni Childs.
8 / afterglow by Sarah McLachlan.
9 / 20.000 watt R.S.L. by Midnight Oil.
10 / a day at the races by Queen

I often wonder ...what path I would have followed if I had gone to a high school instead of a technical school. Would I still have been a carpenter or maybe an accountant?  But then I couldn't sit on my butt counting beans all day every day, I'd you nuts. I've always liked working with wood, so in the end I am doing what I do best.


Name...   Rhett Bartlett

My earliest memory is…riding at the feet of my father on the King of Moomba float

My earliest football memory is…I believe watching Warrick Capper take a speccy over Fitzroy in the Sydney night game with my father- and then waiting for Capper at an after match function and him never appearing.  So instead I went over with Dad to see Tom Hafey who was coaching Swans at the time

At school I…was in every drama production under the sun.

My mother and father always told me…that I'm their best friend in all the world

I wish I had…seen my father play

I wish I hadn’t…lost my faith in football around 1992

My most humiliating moment was…something that I will keep to myself

My happiest moment... varies: touching down in a new country, family memories, and most recently, watching Sydney win a premiership after 72 years

My last meal would be…vegetable soup, strauss, salad, spaghetti with a sunny boy for desert

I’d love to have a yarn with…Ken Burns and Dave Matthews

My favourite Tiger was... Trent Nichols during my father’s coaching stint.  Overall, I have a fascinating with Alexander Salton (Richmond player 1888), and Vic Thorp.

What I don’t find amusing is…the fact people don’t get my sarcasm- it’s brilliant people.

I’m always being asked…are you related to Kevin Bartlett. I always respond, no he’s related to me.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… Egar Arizona- trust me, go there.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…either the shot of Jack Ruby shooting Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Dyer leading the players out the race amongst the angry crowd, or Edward Hopper’s NightHawks. 

My favourite quote... varies all the time, currently it is:  “once you finally knew what you had to do, and began, although the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice’ – Mary Oliver ‘The Journey’

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…
Counting Crows – August and Everything After
Dave Matthew Band- Live at Luthor College
George Harrisons- Brainwash
Warren Zevon- The Wind
Counting Crows- Hard Candy
Dave Matthews Band- Under the Table and Dreaming
Midge Ure- Breathe
Matchbox 20 – their first album
Counting Crows – This Desert Life
Ashokan Farwell soundtrack from Ken Burn’s The Civil war

I often wonder…who will care about the club’s history in 100 years time.



Name GeoffryPrettyBoy/Chris, Age 41, Location Northern Melbourne, Occupation Human Resources Co-ordinator

My earliest memory a 3 year old, tying mums tea towel around my neck and jumping in the air pretending I was Superman.

My earliest football memory is...1968, a game against Carlton, sitting in the northern stand and crying when the crowd yelled when a goal was kicked.

At school I...always got the strap in Grade 2, that really changed by attitude for the remainder of my schooling life.

My mother and father always told the end of the day it's your decision, you have to live with it.

I wish I had.become... a chef

I wish I hadn't...bludged at school.

My most humiliating moment was...wearing leg warmers when they were trendy with the girls.

My happiest moment was...visting my parent's homeland (Greece) and meeting my grand parents.

My last meal would be...Lobster & Prawns

I'd love to have a yarn with...Lou Richards & (Jack Dyer)

My favourite Tiger is...who else but Geoff Raines

It's not fashionable but I love...My red robe

What I don't find amusing is...Racism, Dole bludgers rorting the system, the price of diesel

I'm always being asked...for my advice

If I were an animal I'd be...A dog, to a family that loves them

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Africa

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...any sort of photo with lightning, Vincent Van Gough - I Girasoli (Sunflowers in vase).

My favourite quote is...No child will live in poverty, by Bob Hawke

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.
MeatLoaf - Bat Out of Hell
AC/DC - Back in Black
Led Zepelin - Led Zepelin IV
U2 - Achtung Baby
The Doors - The Doors
Van Morrison - Moondance
Eagles - Greatest Hits 1971 - 1975
Spandau Ballet - Gold
Black Sabbath - Master of Reality
Oasis - Definitely, Maybe

I often wonder...If I'll grow old gracefully, and if I'll see another Richmond premiership.


Name Checkside(Kayla) 15 Melbourne Student

My earliest memory is...My older brother breaking my trike

My earliest football memory is...My first game at the MCG after moving to Victoria, we won.

At school I...Am always told to sit down and be quiet

My mother and father always told me...That if I ever went for Collingwood i would be living somewhere else

I wish I had...Seen a tiger premiership

I wish I hadn't...Seen the Tigers win a wooden spoon, even if it meant we got Lids and Bling

My most humiliating moment was...Going into the men's toilets at the footy

My happiest moment was...Going back to Tassie  to see all my friends and family that I hadn't seen for 3 years

My last meal would be...Spaghetti Bolognese or Chicken Parma

I'd love to have a yarn with...Michael Long

My favourite Tiger is...Richard Tambling and Andrew Raines

It's not fashionable but I love...My Trakkies

What I don't find amusing is...Old grumpy teachers trying to ruin students lives

I'm always being asked...To turn my music down

If I were an animal I'd be...My dog Roxy

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Anywhere in the NT during their Footy Season

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...Photo of all my friends at my party

My favourite quote is...Life's short

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

Blink 182 - Blink 182
Blink 182 - The mark, tom and travis show
Blink 182 - Take off your pants and jacket
The Cants - Melbourne Vampires
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Greatest Hits
Anything by Slipknot

I often wonder...If I will ever see a tiger premiership

Name Ready 26 Richmond -- eleven minutes on foot to the Punt Road End Occupation Little of consequence, less of interest

My earliest memory is...Waking up one morning and wondering where everyone was until I found a friend of Mum and Dad's in the kitchen. Dad had taken Mum to the hospital, gone to the airport to pick up Nan, who'd just arrived from England, and then headed back to the hospital. The day my sister was born, 24 March 1982.

My earliest football memory is...First clear memory is watching the 1985 preliminary final on TV, in which Hawthorn beat Footscray by ten points at Waverley. The fact someone was wearing 51 for Footscray stuck in my head, and eighteen years later I saw a replay and realised why. 51 was Michael McLean, and he was a gun.

At school I.....was the shortest kid in the school when I was thirteen. Two years later I was the tallest.

My mother and father always told me...that if I didn't behave then there most certainly wouldn't be any ice cream. These days I don't care so much for ice cream and am thus free to misbehave as much as I see fit.

I wish I had…...worked out when discretion ought to be the watchword and when to act impulsively. Always manage to get it wrong.

My most humiliating moment was…something that won't be divulged in order to protect those persons who ought to bear more guilt and responsibility than me.

My happiest moment was… driving down the Princes Highway between Eden and Genoa late one afternoon with the weather closing in, beeping the horn upon spotting the sign for the border and realising that, after twenty years of thinking about it, living in Victoria was about to be a reality.

My last meal would be…If it's breakfast, a full English with the works -- bacon, sausage, eggs, tomatoes, beans, chips and toast, with BROWN SAUCE -- washed down with a big pot of tea.

If it's lunch, my special scrambled eggs with spinach and tomato, with ham on toast and with BROWN SAUCE, plus a mug of black coffee.

If it's evening then a chicken balti with rice, naan, papadams, chutney, pickles, the works. Plus a lassi and several pints of lager.

I’d love to have a yarn with…Ian Curtis, because I can't.

My favourite Tiger is…Brendon Gale. I suspect, though, that if I hadn't been thousands of miles away at the time I would have had a lot of time for Michael Laffy, David Honybun and Stephen Ryan. From the past, the Tiger who's most captured my imagination is Bill Morris. God rest his soul. 

It’s not fashionable but I love…Tea. To borrow a line from the West Indian cricket commentator Fazir Mohammed, I'm not talking about peppermint tea or strawberry tea or chamomile tea, I'm talking about tea-flavoured tea. Irish Breakfast, Ceylon, Darjeeling... love it. Splash a dollop of Irish whiskey in there from time to time as well.  And I read newspapers. I've been unfashionable in that regard since the age of six.

What I don’t find amusing is…Ignorance.

I’m always being asked…"Are you really that tall?" What am I supposed to say -- "No, it's an optical illusion?"

If I were an animal I’d be…a praying mantis. Long gangly limbs and sitting on your wall (well, figuratively anyway), keeping my mouth shut and paying attention.

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…A couple of weeks in Aalsmeer which is Mum's home town south of Amsterdam, going down the lake and to the Amsterdamsebos. Then on the ferry to Harwich from Hoek van Holland and taking the train to Liverpool Street, then the tube down to west London. Straight through Earl's Court and Acton though -- enough Australians in Australia.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Family wise, a picture of my sister and I as kids, clowning around on a park bench on a summer's evening in Holyrood Park in EdinburghArtwise, mostly Dutch especially the early van Goghs before he went the south of France. And the designs of Peter Saville.

Football-wise, Benny Gale taking a big grab over Todd Curley, Round 14, 2000.

Two on my cupboard door are Vinnie Roe and Pat Smullen, and some kids kicking a ball behind the Angel of the North aka the Gateshead Flasher, dated 16 February 1998.

My favourite quote is...."There was time to have a pint before the pubs shut, just to baptise the teeth, and feeling rich because of my seventeen quid I stopped at a tobacconist's and bought myself a sixpenny cigar of a kind I'm rather partial to. They're eight inches long and guaranteed pure Havana leaf all through. I suppose cabbages grow in Havana the same as anywhere else." -- George Bowling in George Orwell's Coming Up For Air(1939)

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

In no particular order

Joy Division Unknown Pleasures 1979
New Order Low-life 1985
The Clash The Clash 1977
Pixies Doolittle 1989
The Smiths The Queen Is Dead 1986
Pulp His 'N' Hers 1994
The Shins Chutes Too Narrow 2003
Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness  1995
Ride Nowhere 1990
Interpol Turn on the Bright Lights 2002

I often wonder...whether I just might die with a smile on my face after all.

Brown dog 2 - Click image to download.

Name Balmyarmy AKA Corey  Age 29  Location Ferntree Gully  Occupation  Warehouse Inventory

My earliest memory is…Watching Kiss on TV from a bean bag and being scared

My earliest football memory is… Sitting in the old Southern Stand and reading all the stuff written on the back of the seats

At school I… wasted a great opportunity by not studying

My mother and father always told me… You cant leave the table till you’ve finished your vegetables

I wish I had…my mortgage paid off

I wish I hadn’t…taken up smoking

My most humiliating moment was…Not really sure

My happiest moment was…First date with my ex girlfriend who I’d been keen on for 12 months

My last meal would be…Indonesian Chicken Wings

I’d love to have a yarn with…Jack Dyer or Richard Branson

My favourite Tiger is Richo

It’s not fashionable but I love… 1960’s TV shows

What I don’t find amusing is…backstabbing

I’m always being asked…Given up the smokes yet?

If I were an animal I’d be…a dog

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… America and England

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Personally signed Richo picture

My favourite quote is…Que sera sera

I often wonder…what the future holds


Name Tha8Ball (Bryn!)
Age 19
Location Sth East Melb
Occupation Student

My earliest memory is.trips away in the caravan with my parents and grandparents!

My earliest football memory is.watching Wayne Carey at the G one day...absolutely destroy Adelaide! Also Gary Ablett take hangers on Turner, Bullus and Howat!

At school I.did ok....won the Junior Citizenship Award for the region of Knox - not bad for a lazy socialite!

My mother and father always told me.dont do drugs...again!

I wish I had.a cure for Parkinsons disease.

I wish I hadn't... broken my ankle playing footy and smashed my face in playing cricket.

My most humiliating moment was... a police officer asking me what my 'MAZDAbator' sticker meant on the back window of my car!

My happiest moment was.. .dressing up as Chopper Read for yr12 muck up day ahahh what a day!

My last meal would be...Roast Pork!

I'd love to have a yarn with.Michael Jordan, Elvis Presley and TISM

My favourite Tiger is...Nathan Brown My Lord!

It's not fashionable but I love...going in the grog squad!

What I don't find amusing is...TISM..................nah wait I do!

I'm always being asked... why are you so good looking? sorry thats also a lie.

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Springvale

My favourite quote is.  'Im invincible.....I'm paying money...ah the girls happy....she's got no money...I got my rocks off....oh how good is this' - love you Rexy!

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.
TISM - White Albun
TISM - Machiavelli and the Four Seasons
Living End - State of Emergency
Ministry of SOund - any of them
Elvis - Greatest hits
Cold Chisel - last stand
Ben Harper - Live from Mars
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
ACDC - any
Marylin Manson - Age of Grotesque

I often wonder...if ill ever live to see a Tiger Flag!


My earliest memory is. The Zoo in the rain (age about 3)

My earliest football memory is...Kicking a footy with my Dad

At school I...was the captain of the cricket & football teams

My mother and father always told me...Do what makes you happy

I wish I opportunity to see every country on the planet

I wish I hadn't...I have no regrets

My most humiliating moment was...asking a friend when she was due when she wasn't

My happiest moment was. ..Holding my son in my arms, for the first time.

My last meal would from Billy Kwong's restaurant, Sydney.

I'd love to have a yarn with...Billy Connolly

My favourite Tiger is...then: Maurice "Mr Magic" Rioli     now: Brett Deledio

It's not fashionable but I love...Art Galleries

What I don't find amusing is...Back seat drivers

I'm always being asked...For directions

If I were an animal I'd Eagle

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Paris & the Amalfi Coast - Italy

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...a sunset in Florence, Italy

My favourite quote is. I honestly think it is better to be a failure at something you love than to be a success at something you hate. George Burns

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

AC/DC - Back in Black
Michael Franti & Spearhead - Everyone Deserves Music
New Order - Substance
Queen - A Kind of Magic
Sound Garden - Badmotorfinger
Jack Johnson - Brushfire Fairytales
Counting Crows - August & Everything After
Portishead - Dummy
NWA - Straight Out of Compton
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic

I often wonder...what life will be like 10 years down the track
Name (pre-username or christian name)- Ian  Age-31 in August Location-I live in Altona (for now) Occupation- I'm a Team leader for Australia Post 

My earliest memory is…I was 5 years old. My mother (Richmond supporter) and Auntie (Collingwood supporter), put me on the spot by asking which footy team I barracked for. Naturally I sided with my mum.

My earliest football memory is…the 1982 Grand Final streaker

At school I…Was very shy, especially around girls.

My mother and father always told me…I was very smart ;)

I wish I had…A memory of a Richmond Grand Final win

I wish I hadn’t…Such thick and wavy hair (I can't style it!!)

My most humiliating moment was…My mother telling everyone she meets that I played with dolls in kindergarten (apparently the teacher pulled her aside as they were concerned about me... they were right!!!)

My happiest moment was…1995 Semi Final win against Essendon

My last meal would be…A hot Indian curry

I’d love to have a yarn with…John Howard (to tell him a few home truths)

My favourite Tiger is…Hard to go past my fellow metrosexual Browny

It’s not fashionable but I love…Men's skin products and Simpson's satin boxer shorts

What I don’t find amusing is…Judgemental and inconsiderate people

I’m always being asked…Why do you keep shaving that beautiful thick hair?

If I were an animal I’d be…A tortoise because they can live for 200 years

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Spain or the Greek islands

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…My Avatar (Me at 2005 Earthcore Global Carnival)

My favourite quote is…You only live once

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…Anything with a bit of Psychedelic-Trance (with a pinch of Faith No More)

I often wonder…Why people take themselves too seriously


Name - LidsandBling, Age - 29, Location - Melbourne, Occupation - Sales Rep

My earliest memory is... my third birthday party and the cool bike I got

My earliest football memory is...going to the footy as a kid with dad and brother in the mid eighties

At school I...was always in trouble

My mother and father always told me... be nice to your sisters

I wish I had...a crystal ball

I wish I hadn't...done so many stupid things when i was young (ish)

My most humiliating moment was...trying to sing karaoke once, what was i thinking

My happiest moment was...when my daughter was born

My last meal would be...porterhouse medium rare mushroom sauce with chips and salad

I'd love to have a yarn with ... Adolph Hitler

My favourite Tiger is... Brett Deledio

It's not fashionable but I moccasins, never do winter without them

What I don't find amusing is...people who harm children

I'm always being asked...have you been playing xbox again?

If I were an animal I'd be...a snake, savage when stepped on

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Spain

My favourite piece of art is... the statue of David

My favourite quote is..." Never interrupt your enemy when they are making a mistake" napoleon.   " keep your friends close and your enemies closer"

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

green day - American idiot
dr. dre - the chronicle
Robbie Williams - greatest hits
ministry of sound - hard energy series
James Blunt - back to bedlam
scissor sisters
cant think of any others right now

I often wonder..why I have to work


Name - Craig  Age - 32 (the older I get the better I was)  Lives - Melbourne  Occupation - Medical Professional

Earliest Memory - My dog Sam a pointer who was stolen, and drinking glycerine from a bottle kept in my cupboard from when I had a dummy cos I liked the taste, and wanting every toy bucket spade and the like in the sandpit with me cos I was going to build magnificent things which never eventuated but I made bloody big mess. Damn now that explains a few issues doesn't it.

Earliest Football memory - Watching the Tiges in 80 grand final as a 4 year old and not really knowing or appreciating the moment as was too young ALAS, then the 82 Grand Final DOH also going with my dad to watch Army Reserve cup games at South Melbourne Oval or Albert Park.
Also as with most little boys running around the back yard kicking the ball madly commentating as I ran around, i was Richmond, I was everyone and I was best on ground, god I was a gun.

At School I - Was a bit of a nerd at primary school and liked reading about dinosaurs and planets and stuff like big foot and loch ness monster, ufo types stuff, as opposed to comics and the like but I liked interesting stuff. I also loved playing footy, soccer and cricket with the boys then in grade six kiss chasey with the girls.
At High school I was a good student for first 4 years then had fun with a group of mates we were the idiots of the year level always playing practical jokes, playing cards, wagging to go racing go karts and playing footy, rugby and British Bulldogs at lunch time.
I loved high school and still rate it as some of the most fun I have ever had, even tho I was threatened with suspension half dozen times but saved cos the Vice Principal like my mum who worked at the school canteen ;) and also spent more time in year coordinators office than at Maths. ;D

My mother and father always told me - To think more.  Treat others as you would like to be treated, and that if you are not happy you will never make anyone else happy. Love and respect your self and your family as they are everything.

I wish I had - Bought a house much earlier when I first had a good income to have a nice retirement real estate portfolio.

I wish I hadn't - Done some of the foolish things I have done in the past but those things are the things that we learn from and help us to grow as adults.

My most humiliating moment was -Geez I cant think of one in particular.   I've had a few over the years as we all have.

Happiest Moment- Childhood and childhood memories, also finishing my Bachelor degree after years of torrid struggle I felt like I'd finally got my life back. Was probably also my proudest moment. At the time it was my Everest.

My last meal would be - Every possible thing I could think of especially junk - KFC, Fish and Chips, Roast chicken and Roast Pork with Crunchy roast potatoes, Steak, Bacon, Chops and Snags off the BBQ, Meatlover and BBQ Pizza, Ice Cream in fact if it is bad for you I'd go nuts on it and probably end up killing myself as a result of the amount I had eaten!!

I'd love to have a yarn with - My great grandad who was a war hero and killed in France in WWI, he won a Military Cross two months after being court marshalled for punching up a Pommy officer when caught drinking hahahaha. Just would be great to see and talk with your heritage. I am proud of him and what he did.

My favourite Tiger is - Don't have one favourite player, but there are a few I don't like hahaha. When I was little it was Roachy, big Disco, I had the number 8 on my tiger jumper and wore it everywhere. I like most of our kids tho they are what excites me at the moment.

Its not fashionable but i love - Being one of the wonderful family at PRE, it aint fashionable yet but it is going to be no doubt . I also like being classified as a dark sider, all that banter never fails to get a chuckle outta me.

What I don't find amusing are -  Arrogant self centered selfish people who manipulate others for their own advancement or agenda. I also cant stand politicians of any persuasion due to countless reasons. I also don't like any of the current affairs media or sensationalism journalism that is rife today.

I am always being asked - Why are so angry or will you marry me, or how is it you are so good looking ;D

If I were an animal I would be - One of those turtles that lives 200+ years or however long so I might actually see a Richmond premiership. But it would just be interesting or frightening to see where the world is at in 200 years.

If i had an open ticket I'd holiday in- Everywhere I could possibly go.

My favourite photo or piece of art is - No idea, I have a photo of myself as a toddler which I always smile at when I look at it and realise what a bastard that beautiful child became.

My favourite Quote - He who dies with the most toys still dies.

10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without,

Now that is a difficult question I've got too many favourites to even try to answer this one.
You should make it easier and ask 10 players the RFC could do without just kidding I know this is s'posed to be serious. ;)

I often wonder - Where I will end up and what will I be doing, and how I can make my life a happy and relevant one, also will the RFC ever get rid of some of the duds and finally start to progress with youth. ;D ;) sorry couldn't help myself.


Name:Braddles (Bradley James if you're my nanna, Brad will do!)  Age: 30  Location: Frankston Sth.  Occupation: Student

My earliest memory is... As a three year old putting my knee through the window at a friend's place and hearing him yell "Dad, he broke our window!", while I was bleeding all over the floor.

My earliest football memory is... finding out that Trevor Barker lived up the end of my court. One of the world's all-time good guys.

At school I... got a detention for not doing my Latin homework. Why on earth would I?

My mother and father always told me... (Dad) "Turn the lights off behind you, we're not made of money!" (Mum)"Put the toilet seat down!!!". Lots of good advice too.

I wish I had... found out earlier that my schoolboy passion for science would take me no further that enjoying the Discovery and National Geographic channels. Maybe it wouldn't have taken me so long to discover that I really want to be a linguist.

I wish I hadn't... dropped out of uni second time round. Still, third time lucky I guess...

My most humiliating moment was... having to show my parents the letter from the Melbourne Uni Science Faculty saying they were kicking me out for poor performance. Seven years of private school education for WHAT?!?!

My happiest moment was... finding out there were so many pubs so close to Melbourne Uni. Easily the best two years of my life!

My last meal would be... 10 serves of snow white prawns from Redwood Gardens Chinese restaurant in Dingley, washed down by enough Newcastle Brown Ale for me not to care that it would indeed, actually be, my LAST meal.

I'd love to have a yarn with... Michael Long, John Butler, Xavier Rudd, Clive Barker, and Noam Chomsky.

My favourite tiger is... Chris Newman. Skilful, honest, and rarely beaten.

It's not fashionable but I love... footy stats, my god do I love footy stats. It's a bit tragic really!

What I don't find amusing is... Racism; short-sighted, closed-minded people.

I'm always being asked... where the eggs are (I work in a supermarket!)

If I were an animal I'd be... a Tasmanian Devil.

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in... the Top End, Scotland, Ireland, and Germany

My favourite photograph or piece of art is... the print that my folks have of a kid trying to do up his fly. They got it because it looks so much like me; I thought it WAS me for years, glad it's not!

My favourite quote is... "It's behind ya, Tyrone. Whenever you reverse, things come from behind you!!!" -Vincent from Snatch

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are...

Ben Harper - Fight for your mind
Ben Harper - Burn to shine
John Butler Trio - Three
Xavier Rudd - Solace
The Shins - Chutes too Narrow
The Mountain Goats - The Sunset Tree
Jeff Buckley - Grace
James Grehan - Rather be a Butterfly
Big Heavy Stuff - Dear Friends and Enemies
Bob Evans - Suburban Songbook

I often wonder... whether other people see and hear things the same way I do.


Name: CC tiger Age: 32 Location: Melbourne Occupation: Professional sportsman
Earliest memory:  Running around with my Dog amongst the horses with my mum screaming at me
Earliest football memory: filling in when I was 8 in the under 12s and kicking 5 goals
At school I:  was never there (discipline problem)
My mother and father always told me: Go to bloody school
I wish I had : Listened to people and stayed at school
I wish I hadn't:  been so lazy
My most humiliating moment: Realising I had gone into the ladies lavatory when it was to late
My happiest moment was: When my son first smiled at me and when he first called me daddy
My last meal would be: Tepaanyaki cooked scallops with sesame paste dip or Calamari at Club80 special mention to the Kernel
Id love to have a yarn with:  Richie Benaud, Tiger Woods or any man who has worn the Yellow an Black
My favourite Tiger is  Cogs, Lids, Richo and Nev Crowe
Its not fashionable but I love driving round the country to training and praccy matches
What I don't find amusing : Arrogance and Eddie M and Jack E
I'm always been asked:  Why do you follow RFC and I reply why not and cause I'm not a quitter
If I were an animal:  has to be a duck can fly, swim ,walk and doesn't get any crap for having a big arse plus not a bad CHF
If I had an open ticket: Where ever we are playing
My favorite photograph is : I have framed the back page of the Sun when Browny was coming to us it says Brown ,Yellow an Black an my non footy, Speechless a dedication to Mel Blanc
My Favourite quote is :  It is not the critic who counts: not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles or where the doer of deeds could have been done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood who strives valiantly, who errs and comes up short again and again, because there is no effort without error or shortcoming, but who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself for a worthy cause; who at the best, knows, in the end, the triumph of high achievement. and who, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who knew neither victory or defeat.
10 albums
5150- Van Halen,
Throwing cooper -live,
Justice for all- Metallica,
Lonesome Jubilee -John cougar,
Bat out of Hell-Meat loaf,
Best of-Chisel,
Highway to hell-ACDC,
Long cold winter- Cinderella,
Greatest hits- Robbie Williams
I often wonder: Will my son have to go through the same tough times I have had to do as a RFC supporter and still love every minute

Name: Bunnerz85 - Daniel Bunworth Age: 21  Location: Western Suburbs Vic  Occupation: Uni Student/Casual bottle shop worker

My earliest memory is...thinking I was the king of everyone in activity group

My earliest football memory is....first match 1989 V Cats, we got smashed, Ablett kicked a bag.

At school I....cared more about the footy match at lunch than my studies.

My mother and father always told do my homework before I went out anywhere. (yer rite!)

I wish I had...concentrated more on my footy rather than the party life.

I wish I hadn't...drunk that last beer! (but I always do)

My most humiliating moment was....missing goals from 15m out (Richo style!)

My happiest moment was...2001 Rnd22, tigers beat bombers and secure a double chance. (lets forget the week after)

My last meal would be...Pizza and a few beers.

I'd love to have a yarn with...Captain Blood

My favourite Tiger is...Tucky!

It's not fashionable but I love...wearing my slip on thongs and socks during winter!

What I don't find amusing is...losing

I'm always being clean up after myself

If I were an animal I'd be...a tiger, no doubt about it

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Hamilton Island

My favourite photograph or piece of art is..1980 premiership frame

My favourite quote is..."If it is to be, it is up to me"

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.
Jonny Farnham
Pearl Jam
Best of 60's
Best of 70's
Best of 80's
The 12th Man
Richmond Theme Song

I often long it will be til I see my first tiger >premiership! (and if I would survive that night it happens!)



Name  meltiger/Craig  Age  25yo  Location Melbourne

My earliest memory is… Crying because I wanted to move back home to Sydney when I was 9yo

My earliest football memory is… To be honest … the Balmain Tigers losing the 1988 NSWRL Grand Final. My earliest Richmond related memory? I vaguely remember putting 50 cents in a tin my first year in Melbourne during Save Our Skins.

At school I… Spent far too much time (very) unsuccessfully chasing girls lol

My mother and father always told me… Stop spending!

I wish I had… A Grand Final record stating Richmond V ********* on the front

I wish I hadn’t… Dropped out of school so young

My most humiliating moment was… something involving alcohol, my girlfriend of the time, a nosy neighbour and a house full of uninvited police who let themselves through the front door! lol That’s about as much as I’ll say ;-)

My happiest moment was… Moving home to Melbourne 3 years ago after nearly 3 long long years living in Sydney (Yes I grew to love Melbourne
J )

My last meal would be… Pizza!

I’d love to have a yarn with… Martin Luther King

My favourite Tiger is… Joely Bowden

It’s not fashionable but I love… Trackies

What I don’t find amusing is… Kath & Kim … I really just don’t get it! lol

I’m always being asked… Why are you so shy & quiet? Also I get ALL the time – Why do you have grey hair?! It’s a birthmark ;)

If I were an animal I’d be… A Tiger

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in… Brazil

My favourite photograph or piece of art is… My favourite photo is of ME at the footy, Richmond V Collingwood being exceptionally angry about something! The photo is hilarious, EVERYONE who sees it laughs at me!

My favourite quote is… “You’ll have to speak up I’m wearing a towel” I even have PJ’s that have that on em ;-)

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without ar

2Pac – Me Against The World
My Michael Jackson Collection
My Crowded House Collection

I often wonder… Why people, especially differing religions have to hate each other to the point of hurting each other



Name New York Tiger Age wrong side of 30  Location  New York, NY USA  Occupation  Financial Services
My earliest memory is...Of playing in a sandbox with a red truck

My earliest football memory is...Playing my first game at the age of 7

At school I...bludged

My mother and father always told me...Not to bludge at school

I wish I had...Been to Paris earlier in my life.

I wish I hadn't...Bludged at school

My most humiliating moment was...Not appropriate for this forum

My happiest moment was...Marrying my wife

My last meal would be...The Omakase (chef's selection) at Nobu washed own with some good sake.

I'd love to have a yarn with...Crazy Horse (Historical Native American)

My favourite Tiger is...Roaming free

It's not fashionable but I love...The Jerry Springer Show

What I don't find amusing is...The TV show "Friends" The most over-rated piece a crap ever to get an audience

I'm always being asked...Are you English?

If I were an animal I'd be...A seagull - they get the best places to watch the footy.

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...China & Siberia to check out the Panda & Siberian Tiger in their natural environment

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...Van Gogh's - Wheatfield's with crows

My favourite quote is..."We're from Tigerland..."

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are...
Led Zeppelin - IV
Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti
Marvin Gaye  - What's going on?
Beach Boys - Pet Sounds
Beatles - Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
The Verve  - Urban Hymns
Dandy Warhols - Come Down
Soundgarden - SuperUnknown
Queens of the Stone Age - Rated "R"
Air - Moon Safari

I often wonder...Why the most powerful country has the biggest chip on its shoulder

Name (Ghost of Punt Road) Age 31 Location Hawthorn/Bulleen Occupation  Roboticiser

My earliest memory is....My Dad not taking me to the 1982 Grand final, maybe it was for the best, but I still don't like Carlton

At school I...Spent a lot of time behind the shelter sheds, or up the peppercorn tree

My mother and father always told me...That my chances of aliens abducting me before they meted out their punishment was remote.

I wish I had.A third arm... Damn it would be useful, I could type AND drink my coffee. (seriously, I can't understand why we only have two arms, a third would be considered indispensable if we had it)

I wish I hadn't...told you that thing about the arm..

My most humiliating moment was...Turning up without an invite to a school friends party in grade four, and being evicted by his parents.

My happiest moment was...I'm sure is yet to come

My last meal would be...poisonous

I'd love to have a yarn with...Leonardo Da Vinci

My favourite Tiger is...on the other side of big metal bars, a long way from me

It's not fashionable but I love...playing table top games with real people

What I don't find amusing is...Anyone picking on people who can't defend themselves

I'm always being stop driving down the footpath

If I were an animal I'd be...much the same (okay, less smartarse, more answers. A pelican, I love the idea of being able to fly, swim and walk)

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...1952, Monaco

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...The Nightwatch, Rembrandt

My favourite quote is..."Light a fire for a man and he is warm for a day, set him on fire and he is warm for life" (it's just a joke..geeeez)

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are...My Island Home, Islands in the stream.. U2, Bowie, Living End, Commissioner Gordon, Madness, The Mavis's, Loreena McKennit, Wold Gypsy Music, Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, Artie Shaw.

I often wonder...what the first question was again?


Pernod wins Dubai Racing Club Cup<br>Photo by Bronwen Healy

Name Tiger 44 (Bruce) Age  46  Location  Melbourne Occupation  CFO

My earliest memory is…growing up in Hamilton (Western Victoria) and watching the monkeys in the Hamilton Botanical Gardens (I think they were called Botanical Gardens)

My earliest football memory is…playing kick to kick with anyone (including myself) and pretending to be every player from every team. I used to know them from Number 1 through to 40.

At school I…should have done better but was more interested in footy and not motivated to study

My mother and father always told me…eat your crusts, they will make your hair go curly (it did!)

I wish I had…a bit more financial independence

I wish I hadn’t…suffered stress fractures to my leg on a Tuesday night at training the week before the last Escort Cup game in 1980. I tried to play on the following weekend with little success (too scared to tell Tony Jewell what had happened and didn't want to miss out) and then spent the next six weeks in plaster and never got back to playing at the same level. (a lack of ability had a little to do with it as well)

My most humiliating moment was…playing against Collingwood at the 'G in July 1980, last quarter of the Reserves and a crowd of 90,000+ (all were there early). I grabbed the ball in the back pocket, open field and dreams of a repeat of Phil Manassa in mind headed off down the outer wing. Bounced the ball four times (had to bounce it hard as there had been a bit of rain early in the day), fifth bounce landed directly on top of a sprinkler cap and bounced miles over my head. I kept running and felt (and looked) a complete imbecile. Crowd just ooghed and I felt about two inches tall with nowhere to hide. Very funny now.

My happiest moment was…the birth of my three children, followed by being captain of a premiership team (Vermont 1986) and owning a share in a Group 1 winner at Caulfield in 2003

My last meal would be .....  chicken snitzel (with chips no veg)  followed by a chocolate éclair from Fergusson Plairre (spelling?)

I’d love to have a yarn with…Terry Wallace or Kevin Sheedy

My favourite Tiger is…Richo

It’s not fashionable but I love…Lawn Bowls

What I don’t find amusing is…Racism, aren't we all the same?

I’m always being asked…to do peoples tax returns

If I were an animal I’d be…a racehorse (retired to stud) ha ha

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…either Cancun Mexico or Port Douglas or Paris 

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…One of  Pernod crossing the line in the Dubai Racing Club Cup Group 1 at Caulfield in September 2003

My favourite quote is…treat others as you would like to be treated yourself

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are… all photo albums of my family and events. I am not really into music and besides a desert island wouldn't have electricity or an endless supply of batteries.

I often wonder…when the Tigers are going to be a power again. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I also think we are on the right track!


Name    JK33/ Jason  Age 35yo Location:   Shepparton Vic  Occupation Those that have met me know what I do for a crust!!

Earliest memory...Sleeping under the Xmas tree waiting for Santa.

Earliest Football Memory...Going to the G every week with my Dad, uncle and cousins, in standing room watching the Tiges.  Late 70’s, early 80’s…..if only we realised what was to come weealised what was to come?

At school I….never applied myself but passed…..but only just!

My mother and father always told me… respect your elders and treat people the way you want to be treated.  Has served me pretty well thus far.

I wish I had…travelled more

I wish I hadn’t…sorry, no regrets.

Most humiliating moment…all the stuff that comes with failing in a marriage

My happiest moment was…..that’s easy,  the birth of my beautiful little girl 9 years and 30 days ago.  She is my world.

My last meal would be….lobster and Coronas, with tequila slammers to finish off.

I’d love to have a yarn with.Larry Bird, my hero and the greatest Celtic of all.

My favourite Tiger is…Brett Deledio.  He is a Goulburn Valley boy, my daughter thinks he’s cute and he will be a 100% genuine superstar of our Club and the AFL.  Just give him the time.

It’s not fashionable but I love...the Boston Celtics!

What I don’t find amusing is...people who show no respect for others.

I’m always being asked…to sign my name.

If I were an animal I’d be...probably a cat, as long as I had a good home!!!

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…the whole bloody world!!!!!!

My favourite photograph is…any one with my little girl in it.

My favourite quote is….”that’s gold!  No Gerry, that’s platinum” and “It’s only a problem if you make it one.”

The 10 albums I couldn’t do without are:  
Rattle and Hum – U2
Thriller – Michael Jackson
Alchemy - Dire Straits
Greatest Hits- The Eagles.
Back to Bedlam – James Blunt
 Feeler – Pete Murray
The Best Hits of the 80’s
Greatest Hits – Robbie Williams
Greatest Hits – Elvis Presley
 Born in the USA – Bruce Springsteen

I often wonder….what is around the corner!!! 


Name Andrew,  Location Wangaratta  Occupation  Process worker

My earliest memory is...Riding my bike to school

My earliest football memory is.Getting lost at Arden st
when i was about 10 yrs old...not good ..

At school ..I. Passed secondary level then took up riding race  horses for a living

My mother and father always told me...Be strong & stay out of trouble

I wish I had...2 million dollars

I wish I hadn't...a few thing's smoking is one of them

My most humiliating moment was...Having my pant's pulled down in front of a crowed of girl's

My happiest moment was...Yet too expierence it.....

My last meal would be...I would have to say Pasta

I'd love to have a yarn with...Ian Thorpe

My favourite Tiger is...Umm...Nathan Brown..

It's not fashionable but I love.  Not sure..???

What I don't find amusing is...Losing

I'm always being asked...Get a life..

If I were an animal I'd be...An Elephant

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in...Europe

My favourite photograph or piece of art is...A piece I got from the museum not sure how too describe it look's a bit like junk....

My favourite quote is...Be fair or at least try to be..!!!

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.
Billy Joel,
Robbie William's,
Kylie Minouge,
Garth Brook's

I often wonder...What is like to marry & have kid's



My earliest memory is…Playing with my first dog, "Whisty", at about 2yo.

My earliest football memory is…Collecting bottle tops at the PRG during footy matches, circa 1964/5 at 4yo.

At school I…Spent most of my time thinking I'd learn more studying at home.

My mother and father always told me…To never hold yourself out to be better than anyone else.

I wish I had…Taken up all the opportunities that have been presented to me.

I wish I hadn’t…Been so quick to make decisions.

My most humiliating moment was…Life's not serious enough ever to be too humiliated.

My happiest moment was…There've been a few. This year it was seeing my son captain a premiership cricket team, and him making 47 in that GF.

My last meal would be…My wife, one last time.

I’d love to have a yarn with…John Kenneth Galbraith

My favourite Tiger is…Kevin Sheedy

It’s not fashionable but I love…Being as I am.

What I don’t find amusing is…People who waste my time.

I’m always being asked…What's happening at Richmond?

If I were an animal I’d be…A Tiger

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Snaefellsjokel, Iceland

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…The Triptych, The Earthly Garden/Garden Of Earthly Delights/Hell, Hieronymus Bosch, Prado Museum, Madrid. I have a framed print of it at home.

My favourite quote is…Show me someone with an ounce of authority and I'll show you a closet megalomaniac. (I thought it was one of my better ones.)

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…

Adagio- Albanoni/Canon- Pacalbel
Die Walkure - Wagner
Made In Japan - Deep Purple
Absolutely Live - The Doors
The America Prayer - The Doors
The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle - Bruce Springsteen
The Collection 1977-82 - The Stranglers
Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys
Songs & More Songs - Tom Lehrer

I often wonder…yes, I do ...


Name - Skills Age- Thirty something  Location- Inner City Occupation - Project Manager

My earliest memory is...(at 6 yrs) being rushed to hospital with paralysis in my legs.

My earliest football memory is...(mid seventies), sitting in the lounge room on a Saturday afternoon, trying to keep track of six games on radio.

At school I...had my first cigarette, kissed girls behind the portables, met my best friend, loved playing sport & took my studies seriously.

My mother and father always told me...spending endless hours in front of the TV watching sport, wasn't going to put food on the table.

I wish I had...the opportunity to erase some of the mistakes in my life.

I wish I hadn't...(too late to turn the clock back now!)

My most humiliating moment was...losing my jumper after school, going back to find it, only to see it hanging from a street sign with twenty students laughing their heads off - Thank god for the Lolly Pop Lady!

My happiest moments are...making runs in club cricket, hitting forehand winners, watching my 7 irons hit the green & listening to almighty Tiger roars at the G.

I'd love to have a yarn with...Albert Einstein, John Lennon, and Bill Gates & Tiger Woods.

My favourite Tiger is...Dale Weightman

It's not fashionable but I old living room couch.

What I don't find amusing is...watching Alan Martello & Greg Strachan giving chase in the 1982 GF - Did they have freeze frame back then?

I'm always being asked...are we going to meet our deadlines?

If I were an animal I'd be...(being human is good enough for me.)

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in... Ibiza & Rio Carnival Extravaganza

My favourite photograph or pieces of art are...prints of Picasso & Salvatore Dali

My favourite quote is...Two of the hardest things in life are getting started & never giving up!

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

(probably the toughest question of the lot), but here goes:
Talking Heads - Little Creatures
Radiohead - OK Computer
James Brown - Live in Tokyo (1980)
Santana - Caravanserai
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side of the Moon
U2 - The Joshua Tree
Led Zeppelin - Houses Of The Holy
Frampton Comes Alive - Peter Frampton
Phil Collins - But Seriously
Blood, Sugar, Sex Magik - Red Hot Chilli Peppers

I often wonder...if there is ever a quiet moment in hell.


Name Jeremy Dooley  Age 21  Location Coburg (the city of dreams)  Occupation senior facilitator for the Reach Foundation, TV presenter

My earliest memory is.  my 3rd birthday cake, I was SOO rapped with it. There was a big 3 in the middle of it, and smarties all around the side. very awesome. AND, there was an optimus prime transformer with it!!!

My earliest football memory is.  believing that Gary Ablett senior was in fact god, and that he lived, "up there"

At school I. was a smartarse, class clown, and good at sports .(luckily, otherwise I wouldda been booted out of school) oh, and in my last week of year 12, I nearly got expelled for having sideburns that were too long...

My mother and father always told me.  to stop getting in trouble at school (when they found out, hehe), otherwise it was generally "gee your behaviour at school has really improved"

I wish I had.  a vintage car, of the Mustang or Chevy variety.

I wish I hadn't.   cut my hair off, my neck is always cold now.

My most humiliating moment was.  missing a shot at goal from 15 meters out. especially coz I was verbally giving to the other team before I took the shot

My happiest moment was.  winning a national high school age comedy contest when I was in year 12 and getting to perform at the Melbourne town hall for it. watching my nanna go nuts when we were announced as the winners was awesome, as was my dad crying.

My last meal would be.  a massive napolitana pizza, drowned with a pint of coopers pale ale. followed by a tub of ice cream from the streets shop at highpoint nears the cinemas.

I'd love to have a yarn with.  John Fruciante from the chilli peppers, I just love how he plays guitar and would love to jam with him also.

My favourite Tiger is.   SCOTTY TURNER!!!!

It's not fashionable but I love.  supporting Richmond! my cowboy jacket, and my Tom Jones cd.

What I don't find amusing is.   people who cant admit they're wrong (hello U.S government), ignorance.

I'm always being asked.  "how's your TV stuff going?"

If I were an animal I'd be.  a falcon, speed, speed,  speed.

If I had an open ticket I'd holiday in.  Malta, Ireland, South America.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is. midnight oil's redneck wonderland cd cover art.

My favourite quote is.  'it's better to die on your feet, than to live on your knees.'

The 10 albums I couldn't be stuck on a desert island without are.

the sleepy jackson - lovers
rolling stones - 40 licks
midnight oil - midnight oil
at the drive in - relationship of command
system of a down - mesmorise
ben harper - the will to live
the cure - standing on a beach
radio birdman - radios appear
you am i - cream and the crock
hilltop hoods - left foot, right foot

I often wonder. when I'm going to be able to buy a motorcycle, move out of home, when the tiges are gonna win a premiership



Name ............Cambo, Ian Campbell from Melton, Originally from Scotland about 45 yrs ago!! now 49 and a true Aussie!!


My earliest memory is…Hard One, lost so many Brain Cells along the way, but probably being on the Hostel when we first arrived in Australia, Brooklyn Hostel so many years ago


My earliest football memory is…my Dad taking me to the Western Oval, Footscray playing the Tiges, we lost, so I barracked for the under dogs and have ever since.


At school I…was always a distraction!!


My mother and father always told me…not to talk to strangers, but I do everytime I go to the Footy!!!, thats why I love going so much.


I wish I had…more time to stay in contact with the many people I have met in my lifetime


I wish I hadn’t…wished my life away as often as I do!!


My most humiliating moment was…too many to put into words unfortunately.


My happiest moment was…Marrying my beautiful Wife, watching my 2 children being born and my beautiful Grandson


My last meal would be…a Dozen Oysters Kilpatrick


I’d love to have a yarn with…my Father again,


My favourite Tiger is…Andrew Kellaway, such an Honest Performer!!!


It’s not fashionable but I love…my 10 year old Tigers Singlet, absolutely ruined but I love it!!!


What I don’t find amusing is…accepting the same old same old


I’m always being asked…how I can swear so much, but never swear in front of women!!


If I were an animal I’d be…a Tiger of course, apart from being a Richmond Supporter, they are such a beautiful Animal


If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Scotland, would love to see where I began as a Human Being, such a Proud and Powerful Race too!!


My favourite photograph or piece of art is…I have attached it too this Profile!!


My favourite quote is…if at first you can't succeed, pull your Foreskin over your head!!!


The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…this is a hard question!!


Pink Floyd - Darkside of the Moon

Uriah Heep - Very Evy Very Umble

Moody Blues - Question of Balance

Tommy Emmanuel - Dare to be Different

Tina Cousins - Killing Time

Living Loud - Living Loud

Dean Martin- Greatest Hits

Elvis Presley- Greatest Hits

Ohhhhhhhhhh Where from Tigerland

Russell Morris- Greatest Hits!! ( a good tigers man too )


I often wonder…what people will think of me when I am gone



Name: Bairdy380, Age: 32, Location: Point Cook, Occupation Production Manger

My earliest memory is…breaking the neck strap on my show bag superman cape on the way to kinder because I couldn't get it undone...then devastated when told it couldn't be used again.

My earliest football memory is…playing under 10's footy, the coach had really big dark glasses....kinda like those transition models you see today.

At school I…got more confident as I got taller than most of the teachers

My mother and father always told me…"leave your sister alone"

I wish I had…left my sister alone

I wish I hadn’t…no response for this, I figure there is no point in regretting something....if you have already done it then it can't be changed so why worry.

My most humiliating moment was…wearing pyjama's to U-10's footy training, evidently what I thought was a racy looking tracksuit ...I had to defend as the rest of the club told me they were indeed pyjama's

My happiest moment was…being released from an Indonesian hospital after a 3 month stint

My last meal would be…Either a fresh seafood platter (Not crumbed) or a massive pub cooked chicken parmy

I’d love to have a yarn with…anyone

My favourite Tiger is…Jim Jess

It’s not fashionable but I love…going shooting with my mates

What I don’t find amusing is…The trend toward society and government dictating how people are to live their lives

I’m always being asked…"have you shot anyone"...its a bizarre often asked army thing....I dunno!

If I were an animal I’d be…a monkey of some description

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…I really, really don't know....ummmmm Fiji??

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Got two, My pop's "official" war portrait, and one of me and my section running up a hill to get on a helicopter after a bloody hard patrol

My favourite quote is…Again I have two. "I spent my whole life worrying about things that never happened" and "Don't look for the light at the end of the tunnel, go down there and light the bloody thing yourself"

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…

Greatests hits 1 Queen
Gold Chisel Cold Chisel
Colour and the Shape Foo Fighters
Frogstomp Silverchair
10 Pearl Jam
Verses Pearl Jam
The Panel Vol 2 Various
Triple J hottest 100 Vol 2 Various
Have A Ball Me first and the gimme gimmes
Catgut your tongue fourplay

I often wonder…WHY?


Name - Remote Tiger Age - On the other side of fifty - just! Location - The Nation's Capital. Occupation - Manager IT Company

My earliest memory is…Kindergarten and playing on the bridge over an imaginary creek in the playground there. I always fell in and we all laughed!

My earliest football memory is…being put on the ground in the forward pocket of the sub-atoms (under 7s) football team for Manuka Football Club when I was 5yo - the jumper was so big mum had to roll the sleeves up to find my hands.

At school I…was lucky to have a large bunch of mates - female and male who were scholastically minded and sports mad.

My mother and father always told me…To be honest in everything I do - particularly be honest to myself - wish I had taken their advice ALL the time!

I wish I had.....taken a job with NCR when I was 19yo instead of chasing the bigger bucks elsewhere. With the grounding NCR would have given me back in the early 70's I would be sitting pretty now

I wish I hadn’t…been so adversely affected by drink - to the point where it ruled my life and took everything I loved away. Through family and good friends I was able to face my affliction.

My most humiliating (and difficult) moment was…admitting to those who love me and who already knew - that I had a problem with drink

My happiest moments were…being at the birth of my eldest 2 sons - and picking up my 3rd and youngest son out of a humidity crib and giving him his first father son cuddle - he fought so hard to hang on to life and now at 3yo he is doing great - also my wedding day to Anne - a very happy occasion

My last meal would be…Roast Lamb - just love it

I would have loved to have had a yarn with…Carl Jung - his insight into the human mind is fascinating

My favourite Tiger is…Kevin Bartlett followed closely by Royce Hart and in a three way photo also Ian Stewart

It’s not fashionable but I love…going to Sydney - getting dressed in the dinner suit and taking Anne my wife who is dressed in a ball gown to dinner then a play. (This is not fashionable in my circle of friends where footy cricket and racehorses rule)

What I don’t find amusing are…people who rort the system, liars, cheats, queue jumpers etc.

I’m always being asked…What's gunna win the next?

If I were an animal I’d be…No ifs I was an animal in my early twenties - lived by the dogs creed - "if I can't eat it or screw it then piss on it"! A real charmer I was!

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Scotland - go to my ancestors castle and the fishing village where my grandfather/mother came from - meet all the relations who are still there.

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…A painting given to me by my brother and sister-in-law of a close up frontal picture of three race horses abreast in front at the turn with a fourth horse poised to pounce just behind them - it has captured the colour and the excitement of racing and hangs proudly in my lounge room here at home

My favourite quote is…is a poem

The Man in the Glass

When you get what you want in your struggle for self,
And the world makes you King for a day,
Then go to the mirror and look at yourself,
And see what that man has to say.

For it isn't your Father, or Mother, or Wife,
Whose judgement upon you must pass.
The feller whose verdict counts most in your life
Is the man staring back from the glass.

He's the feller to please, never mind all the rest,
For he's with you clear up to the end,
And you've passed your most dangerous, difficult test
If the man in the glass is your friend.

You may be like Jack Horner and "chisel" a plum,
And think you're a wonderful guy,
But the man in the glass says you're only a bum
If you can't look him straight in the eye.

You can fool the whole world down the pathway of years,
And get pats on the back as you pass,
But your final reward will be heartaches and tears
If you've cheated the man in the glass.

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…

The best of John Williamson
Uriah Heap - Very Heavy Very Humble
Led Zepplin - Three
Deep Purple - Deep Purple
Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms
Muddy Waters - Live
Sonny Terry and Brownee McGee - Best of
Neil Diamond - Hot August Night
Bee Gees - the best of
George Thorogood and the Destroyers - Best of
The Beatles - Best of

I often wonder…What can I do now that will make life better for my kids when they become adults!



Name shawry Age 30  Location Bridgewater, SA Occupation  Chartered Accountant


My earliest memory is…my old man telling me not to touch his calculator and when I did lightning from the storm that was outside happened with a big crash of thunder.


My earliest football memory is... 1982 grand final, my old man was a Carlton supporter so I decided to go for Richmond to even things out.


At school I…moved around a lot from Melbourne to Taipei to Bangkok and then Adelaide


My mother and father always told me…to go do my homework


I wish I had…not looked at the stock market today


I wish I hadn’t…no regrets


My most humiliating moment was…geez just one moment, I guess in my very first game for Adelaide Cricket Club not knowing anyone when taking a catch my pants decided to split open and with no spares I had to play the rest of the day and bowl with the middle part of my pants split and was I wearing underwear, I don't think so although I put on training shorts soon after.


My happiest moment was…my wedding day Feb 4th earlier this year


My last meal would be…smorgasbord consisting of spag bog, lasagne, roast lamb, trifle.


I’d love to have a yarn with…Steve Waugh


My favourite Tiger is…it ebbs and flows but generally most of the time it has to be Matthew Richardson, I would be more devastated when he retires than anyone so he takes the cake.


It’s not fashionable but I love…wearing daggy trackies to the supermarket.


What I don’t find amusing is…so called supporters being ever so critical of AFL players who are trying their guts out for not only themselves and their teammates but also the club and their members.


I’m always being asked…tax questions.


If I were an animal I’d be…my wife's family Askan Malamute.


If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Mauritius


My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Picture on my best mates wall of Richmond beating Crows here at AAMI stadium and Richo and the boys singing the club song while it is pissing down.  Will never forget that day and good to see that picture often.


My favourite quote is…'No worries'


The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…Too hard.


I often wonder…what is would be like to experience Richmond winning the gf finally.


Name  Omarkum Age 53 Location Central Vic. Process Worker, OHS Rep.


My earliest memory is…Family lunch, aged 3. My sister sitting in a high chair and my grandfather asking mum and dad, “ Where did Sharon get that sausage from”. ?!!


My earliest football memory is…Sitting on my dads shoulders at the Punt Road End and seeing Ronnie Branton chop off a pass in the dying seconds, to hold out Essendon and nail a 3 point win. It was a lovely blue sky and I was a Tiger forever.


At school I…Walked out of grade 5 Catholic school, with the Mother Superior chasing me and yelling,“come back you pagan, you will burn in hell”. I went to State school and learnt that there were such things as dinosaurs and history.


My mother and father always told me…The  Communist’s want to  kill us all. Unions are bad. Vote Liberal or D.L.P.


I wish I had…Learnt how wrong they were, much earlier.


I wish I hadn’t…Ever been so fooled as to have, once, voted Liberal.


My most humiliating moment was…1972 …the Paris end of  Collins St…Proudly mounting my gleaming new water cooled  steed, in front of an awe struck crowd, kicking her into life and then putting my full face helmut on ….backwards!


My happiest moment was…Love and the birth of my daughters. Great Richmond victory’s, with the true believers at the Punt road end. Standing on the M.U.A. picket line, arms linked with thousands of pensioners, migrants and working people and knowing the strength of Union solidarity, if only it were unleashed from the chains of Labor. We had played Collingwood the night before and a large number of that crowd had come to join us…Tiger’s out numbered them 2 to 1.


My last meal would be…A Greek feast, sometime around the year 2050


I’d love to have a yarn with…Karl Marx , Lev Bronstein ,V.I. Lenin, Mohammad Ali, Malcolm X and Nelson Mandela.


My favourite Tiger is…No question …Mathew Richardson…with an honourable mention to Joel Bowden for his string of Jack’s and his humanity.


 It’s not fashionable but I love…Truth before self, and internationalist solidarity. 


What I don’t find amusing is…Those who spread fear and bigotry, racism, Labor party apologist’s, nationalism and latte sipping lefty yuppies, who think the Greens are a good thing. ( They give coffee a bad name )


I’m always being asked…Why bother?


If I were an animal I’d be…Tearing Howard, Bush, Beasley and Blair to shreds.


If I had an open ticket I’d be holiday in…Cuba, before everything is gone. (Though hopefully we will wake from our gorge fest and help take these places to where they really want to be.)


My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Vietnamese tank rolling through the gates of the U.S Embassy. “The Scream” by Edvard Munch and a lot of Vincent Van Gough.


 My favourite quote is…“ Not that many people think outside of the box and even fewer realize, that there is a box.”. Albert Einstein.


The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are…


I’m Your Man…Leonard Cohen

Gossip….Paul Kelly and the Coloured Girls

Charcoal Lane….Archie Roach

Berlin ….Lou Reed

Transformer….Lou Reed

Sandinista….The Clash

Canon in D….Pachebel

16 Lover’s Lane….The Go Betweens

After The Gold Rush….Neil Young

Jazz Around Midnight….Various

Andre Segovia Vol 5…Various

Four Seasons….Vivaldi


I often wonder…if my kids will ever see a truly human world, or, at least a new Tiger Era!

Name Bree Age 15, 16 next month  :)  Location Werribee Occupation  Student and casual Checkout Chick

My earliest memory is…my brothers squishing my 'Tracey' dolls face in. That made me cry.

My earliest football memory is…Michael Gale's hair
At school I…wear my tiger scarf everyday in Winter

My mother and father always told me…not to pick my nose or my head will cave in

I wish I had…wagged school to watch Richmond train more often

I wish I hadn’t…left my keycard at a servo the night of the Green Day concert

My most humiliating moment was…singing in class to my ipod

My happiest moment was…Richmond winning on my birthday in an amazing comeback to the Hawks.

My last meal would be... calamari and a breezer or two

I’d love to have a yarn with…Billie Joe Armstrong
My favourite Tiger is…Richo and Browny And Young Will

It’s not fashionable but I love…trackies

What I don’t find amusing is…pimples

I’m always being asked…how I am.

If I were an animal I’d be…a tiger! of course

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Engggland

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…of me & Browny

My favourite quote is…"if it is to be it is up to me"

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are… 
and of course the RICHMOND theme song!!
I often wonder…if my dream will come true and Richmond will win a premiership in 2009, when I'm 19.



Name (pre-username or christian name) Age  Location Occupation  (all optional)

Lochie (Lachlan), 21, Preston, Student (studying behavioural science)

My earliest memory is…Some waterfall in the Tara-Bulga National Park, near where I lived as a kid, and also the house where I grew up in.

My earliest football memory is…Seeing Richmond play Fitzroy at Waverly, we got flogged and Jeff Hogg was stretchered off, but I didn’t care because I got to kick a footy on the ground after the game…Father was a bit annoyed though.

At school I…Had to wear a shirt and tie every day and now I refuse to wear formal clothing unless it’s absolutely necessary…

My mother and father always told me…To clean up my room…something that never happened.

I wish I had…Stayed in contact with my high school friends…I still talk and see one fairly regularly, but I’ve lost contact with the rest…mainly because I’m a year behind them, university-wise

I wish I hadn’t…Pranged my dear little 84 Ford Laser…since then it’s hated me because I ruined its bumper…

My most humiliating moment was…Hugging my girlfriend in grade 2 (whirlwind romance) with the rest of the school watching (it was a small school…)

My happiest moment was…Getting into uni, because it meant I didn’t have to make Venetian blinds for a living…thank god.

My last meal would be…Either a good supreme pizza, two Hungry Jacks meals or lasagna.

I’d love to have a yarn with…Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie or Warren Spector (computer game developer)

My favourite Tiger is…Currently, it’s Dean Polo.  I always liked Mark Dragicevic  though.

It’s not fashionable but I love…Oats on ice-cream…the perfect dessert.

What I don’t find amusing is…Smoking.  WHY do people smoke? It’s just stupid

I’m always being asked…Are you still addicted to V? (answer’s yes)

If I were an animal I’d be…A fruit bat

If I had an open ticket I’d holiday in…Nepal, Himalayas.  Been once, would go back any day

My favourite photograph or piece of art is…Art doesn’t interest me, so I’ll say any photo featuring my dog.

My favourite quote is…With all of its mystery even sham drudgery and broken dreams it is still a beautiful world – excerpt from Desiderata

The 10 albums I couldn’t be stuck on a desert island without are

The Verve – Urban Hymns
Icehouse – Best Of
Motor Ace – Animal
Modest Mouse – The Moon and Antarctica
Snow Patrol – Final Straw
The Arcade Fire – Funeral
Silverchair – Neon Ballroom
Savage Garden – Savage Garden
Engineers – Engineers
New Order – Get Ready 

I often wonder... Why the chicken crossed the road…and why people don’t laugh more often


Tigersnake, Tony 37 Brisbane Academic, political science

My earliest memory is…Being lifted up to see the foot thick snow when we lived at Dean near Ballarat, I was 18 months old

My earliest football memory is…Travelling to the G in dads best mate and fellow tiger Brian's brand new Mercedes (he owned the dealership so he had a new one every few weeks), and eating the cheese sandwiches dad brought, then trying to look hungry so Brian would buy us pies, chokitos and hot dogs and creamy soda, it worked every time.  For some reason we never drove to the footy in dads kombi, weird.  Kicking footy under the old southern stand.  KB.

At school I... was a bit of a smart arse, always found it easy, wore sharpie-style high heel cowboy boots, and left in year 10 to do an apprenticeship.

Parents always said... Pull your weight, don't sponge, pay your own way.  Always applied these rules, except with Brian.

Wish I had... learnt a musical instrument

Wish I hadn't...  Nothing major.  One minor regret involves a spa at a party on the sunshine coast, a lot of booze, some women, and a raucous rendition of tigerland.  It was all going so well until that one beer too many and the singing.

My most humiliating moment...Playing on Dale Lewis in an under 14s match.  I thought I was gunna be Woody until that moment.  Also vomitting at work after a big night while my boss was explaining the next job.

Happiest moment... Can't think of  a single standout one.  Still to come when the Tiges win a flag and Richo/ Cleaver/ Limbo/ Tambo/ ?  kicks 8, then I can die.

Last meal would be...Dads home grown broad beans with butter and pepper, field mushi risotto, some big, fresh yabbies, mackerel straight out of the sea, a cray, some lamb cutlets, a steak, then for main a very good simple pizza, napoli with mushis and olives, some fresh ravioli with seafood sauce, all with good wine and beer of course.  Probably some nice riesling with the fish and a giant aussie shiraz with the terrestrial flesh.  That'd do I suppose.  I'm a simple man.

Love to have yarn with...My Brother (tiger golliwog), My nephews and niece, Kurt Vonnegut, Joel Bowden, Peter Costello, George Clooney, Julia Gillard, Salma Hayek (would have to be over dinner in a highly visible location) and many more.

Favourite Tiger... Richo, he ain't perfect, but who is?  When I was a kid Roachy and Bryan Wood.

Its not fashionable but I love...Elvis movies, old vinyl compilations like 'Breakers 83'.

What I don't find amusing is... Lack of compassion, and materialism.

I'm always being asked..How is the PhD Going?  Did you see the game? Do you still have those dreams about being a howler monkey?

If I was an animal I'd be... A Howler monkey.

Open Ticket... everywhere;  next want to got to the US, Vietnam, Japan and the Kimberley WA.

Favourite Art/ Photos:  Art, my huge chinese laquer screen and various album covers, photos of my nephews and niece.

Favourite quotes:

Its no good being where the ball ain't : Jack Dyer
The truest things are said in jest : Bobbie Burns
Wish in one hand and piss in the other and see which one you feel first ; my late maternal grandfather.
All you need is a roof over your head and half a bed ; my late paternal grandfather who was Jack Dyer's first cousin

10 Albums:  very tough, I'd come up with 10 different ones tomorrow

not in order

Exile on Main street - Stones
Easybeats -  best
Kinks - Best
George Benson - Blue Benson
Bird - Soundtrack of the Film
Darker than Blue - Reggae compilation
Tone Loc - Loced after Dark (I love hip hop but there are very few hip hop albums where more than 2 or 3 songs are good, this is one)
Marvin Gaye - whats goin on
BB King - best of
Van Morrison - Best

I often wonder - why so many people are so greedy.